Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moisturisers and Lotions are coming!

We have not made moisturisers and lotions because of the issue of preservatives. Most common and versatile preservative is paraben and there are too many controversial issues regarding it. We now have a new approve preservative known as Optiphen and we are happy enough with it to start making our own moisturisers We are still at the "trouble shooting" stage...it is quite a challenge to keep oil and water together without separating! Oil being lighter sometimes will float to the top leaving the water at the bottom. Our whipped moisturiser has a wonderful texture and great for anyone with dry skin. We are fomulating a light version of it so for those who like "the grease free feel" about it would also be able to enjoy it.
We are using special oils including fish oils, not very pleasant smelling but it is great stuff and I have seen my son heal from taking the stuff and I don't see why applying should cause any problem. If anyone wants to follow my fish oil result I will post a weekly update on my facebook. My son suffers from leaky gut syndrome. His doctor said that he can't eat highly processed food, wheat and even those he could. eg, tomato he should avoid until his gut gets better. He has improved so much. The doctor encourages my son to use handmade soap and we pay alot for moisturisers, so my son asked me to make one for him in green apple! I think that must the first thing he has ever asked me to make. :)

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