Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hobbit's Feet

I have always been conscious of my feet, perhaps more the sole of my feet. I went out with the girls to get our medi and pedi in Bangkok, land of affordable medi and pedi. It was awesome, everyone sort of shut down and went into a zen state under the skilful masseur's hands. When we all woke up, there was this huge pile of dead cells and I felt I had set a record for the feet least looked after. The Thai ladies also 'oo' and 'ahh' about the pile and all my gf just looked in horror. This plagued me for years, my hubby wanted silk sheets which sounded rather sexy. Then we got into bed, all I could hear was my rough feet scratch against the silk, and catching on the was aweful. I couldn't sleep with my feet in that condition. Hopped out of my bed, I took out my handy file and I think I must have spend an hour getting it into better shape or maybe I was just too tired and put on a pair of socks. Those silk sheets never saw light again. I'm really quite comfortable bare feet and running on hot tar road, on cement floors and I have feet my mum calls duck feet they are rather spread out but I thought they gave me better balance, not! Cos I am always falling over. So fast forward, my 14 year old son calls me a hobbit. Yep, the one thing I did remember about the hobbit from the book was the feet. Don't quote me but the impression was thick leathery feet with hairs. And they don't need to wear shoes. Hmmm, there are some resemblance. You can see my collection of files, scrappers, pumice and I have more somewhere. They give instant relief but those sneaky callous does grow back with a vengeance if they are cut too deep. Need I mentioned crack feet (apparently its my love of walking on hot tar road that causes the cracked feet) And what about those plantar warts, thank goodness I don't have them but I heard the removal of them is excruciating and they grow back! I've 'googled' them and some looked like a tree branch or those stalitites and stalamites. It just horrific what happens to our soles. I for one, would like to have my baby soft feet back and bravely venture into silk sheets. Pamper your feet today. I think a gentle continuous scrub with a pumice or our pumice/coffee/himalayan pink salt works quite nicely. Shame it is black but the coffee will deodorize any foot odour. We are looking for something more scrubby, at the moment our pumice soap feels heavy, which I like, but I would like to add more scrubbiness to our pumice soap. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. The foot balm, we love. I think I can see result in just 2 days. But I think I prefer it a bit more waxy (so back to the drawing board). My dead skin feels softer and it is easier to remove and I don't have that dry flaky look anymore. Share with us a story and if you like to join us in our quest to get rid of your hobbit feet, we can help with our feet balm and pumice soap kit. Contact us at To qualify you need to take a photo of your feet and remember only the hobbit ones will qualify. We will give you the balm and soap but unfortunately we CANNOT pay for the postage. For local residence, we can arrange a pick up. A weekly update is required and of course applying the balm once or twice daily is also required. You've got to use it, to get it to work. xxxxSoap-Paradisexxxx

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  1. Haha you know, I used to have so-so feet back in Sing, but since moving to Europe, the cold weather demands socks and the cobble stones on the street mean I can't wear anything but flats, and since, my feet have become baby soft! It does recoup... so just do a gentle pady and stick to wearing socks and comfy shoes!