Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Honey Neem Soap " Kick Ass"

Neem oil is known to help eczema sufferers. With eczema sufferers, the use of steroid does thin out the skin and with the scratching, infections sometimes sets in. This soap is not made exclusively for eczema sufferers but a real kick ass soap for getting rid of germs. It is wonderful to use it for our school children who brings home all sorts of germs from school.  We use essential oils known to fortify the immune system and get rid of germs as well.

Just made and sitting in tray

Harden overnight and going into the curing room for 6 weeks
Love how the colour turned from brown to a nice tan
So happy with the tan colour of the soap, we
decided to add a little colour to our new batch.

The soap has settled to a lighter tan and with
the added mica, they look absolutely wild!

 The tan coloured soap smells more like tea-tree and the marbled soap smells more eucalyptus.  We used kick ass essential oils to keep everyone extra clean.  Great when you have the sniffles, the essential oils will help you clear up the sinus.  We have put in so much goodness in this soap and it is the first of our Herb infused Luxurious Line.  It has added Vitamin E and Cocoa butter, Extra virgin Olive Oil and wheatgerm oil to make the soap as gentle as possible.  The neem oil and herb is also used to help with eczema. 

Do not use this soap on children 3 years and below, the menthol will be too strong for them.  Upon request we can make a fragrance free soap but be warn the neem is very pungent!

Each Bar is $15 but we are also making smaller bars at $10

Ingredients:  Neem Oil,Honey, Neem infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cocoa butter, Wheatgerm oil, Coconut oil, Honey, Neem leaves, Vitamin E, Rosemary Olieoresin Extract, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, salt, essential oil blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint oil.  The colours used in the marbling are micas.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Silver bells, silver bells soon it will be Christmas day

These soaps are $12 each. Smells wonderful in minty fresh.
The colours are so festive and behind the bells are small
glitter, looks like tiny snowflakes falling.

These soaps makes excellent wedding gifts for your guest. 
We costomise the fragrance and the colours to suit any wedding


Our Four Different Cherubs

There are four versionsof this cherub and this
year we have found the perfect way of boxing
them up.  Each bar cost $12.  They are Christmas
favourites and we get orders for them every year.

If you are looking for cu[ids on a heart for Valentine's
these cute cupids will make an adorable loving gifts.
  Valentine day shouldn't be restricted to one person, lets
show all the people who means so much to us with
with a simple gift of love.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Body Whipped Sugar and Jojoba beads scrubs

This is another item which is just for Christmas.  The texture is thick jelly-like and has a fine scrub, so if you like it you can scrub everyday.  This is a body scrub.  Comes in 2 sizes, 300gms for $25 and 100 gms for $10.  They are lovely to use and bubble up as you scrub.  This is probably the closest we will get to a 'liquid soap'.

Pumpkin, my favourite.  It is more musculine and has a slight
spicy vanilla nutty fragrance.

Berry-licious scrub.  We feel this is a sure pleaser for everyone.

Bubble Bar

It's that time of the year when we want to treat ourselves to
something special.  Our bubble bar makes a great stocking
stuffer and who does not love to soak in a tub of bubble
bath?  Candy Cane fragrance, sweet and slightly minty.
$7 each and once a year only.

How to use these bubble bars?
Run your hot water and crumble the bar under the water.  It may start to fizz but it will definitely bubble up! Feel your skin soften in the bath.  You may want to do a scrub while you are soaking in the goodness.

Inspiration from Hokkaido

It is the perfect size, weighs 110 gms and going for $12.
When we were in Hokkaido, they had pictures of a strawberry cake every corner we turned.  We made a raspberry version of it.  The smell of this soap is mouthwatering full of berries that is slightly sweet. Yummy!
                                                              ITEM: FGS1

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty little samplers

We offer 6 fragrances in this set.  You may opt for one fragrance.  In the 6 fragrances, they will come in different colours.  Please do let your guests know that they are soaps and not chocolates!

Dark Chocolate


Passionfruit rose





These are our pick for the selected six samples.  We have another set of six which you can choose from
Lovespell, Musk, Vanilla, Spa delight, Pumpkin and Christmas Forest.

One of the nicest thing about present is trying to guess what
is inside, so we are definitely wrapping up all our soaps 

If  you like 9 pieces of our pretty samplers, we do have a
square box for that.  They will look lovely under the tree.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Berry Merry Christmas.

This adds a lovely festive touch to the guest bathroom.  The berries are not attached and can be used for small and big hands.  The pie is made of lemon and a warm buttery crust.  Once the berries are gone, take tthe 'pie' with you for your shower.  The weight depends on the amount of berries you have on the pie. For a smaller pie, leave the strawberries out.

These tarts are around 170gms and they are the small ones!
Each tart cost $15