Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Honey Neem Soap " Kick Ass"

Neem oil is known to help eczema sufferers. With eczema sufferers, the use of steroid does thin out the skin and with the scratching, infections sometimes sets in. This soap is not made exclusively for eczema sufferers but a real kick ass soap for getting rid of germs. It is wonderful to use it for our school children who brings home all sorts of germs from school.  We use essential oils known to fortify the immune system and get rid of germs as well.

Just made and sitting in tray

Harden overnight and going into the curing room for 6 weeks
Love how the colour turned from brown to a nice tan
So happy with the tan colour of the soap, we
decided to add a little colour to our new batch.

The soap has settled to a lighter tan and with
the added mica, they look absolutely wild!

 The tan coloured soap smells more like tea-tree and the marbled soap smells more eucalyptus.  We used kick ass essential oils to keep everyone extra clean.  Great when you have the sniffles, the essential oils will help you clear up the sinus.  We have put in so much goodness in this soap and it is the first of our Herb infused Luxurious Line.  It has added Vitamin E and Cocoa butter, Extra virgin Olive Oil and wheatgerm oil to make the soap as gentle as possible.  The neem oil and herb is also used to help with eczema. 

Do not use this soap on children 3 years and below, the menthol will be too strong for them.  Upon request we can make a fragrance free soap but be warn the neem is very pungent!

Each Bar is $15 but we are also making smaller bars at $10

Ingredients:  Neem Oil,Honey, Neem infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cocoa butter, Wheatgerm oil, Coconut oil, Honey, Neem leaves, Vitamin E, Rosemary Olieoresin Extract, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, salt, essential oil blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint oil.  The colours used in the marbling are micas.

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  1. We have travel size version of the two honey neem soap. If you wish to purchase them to try out, do write to us at They are $4/bar.