Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scrub those lips!

If you have dry lips like me, you can't possibly live without a lip balm. I recently (about 6 months ago) discovered the wonders of sugar scrub for lips. It removes all the dead cells (pretty close) that is on the lips and that line between the mucus layer. I do an intensive scrub once a day for a week (balm through out the day) and go down to twice a week. All these effort for.....yes a glass of red wine! I am not sure if any of you ever turn down a red wine even to go with your red meat and opt for a glass of white, I have countless times and all because that unexfoliated lips have dangling bits of dead skin leaving a strange line on my inner lips making me look like a gothic wannabe. The great thing about the sugar scrub is that it stimulates blood flow and makes your lips look plump and kissable red. Not bad way to look first thing in the morning. We selected 2 flavours Margarita, super limey fresh and Root Beer, which is also surprisingly refreshing. I think we are all tired of good old mint, we can get that from our tooth paste. A must try, it will be up on our website by next week. We are currently making lip balms to go the scrub. These tinted lip balms are delicious and leaves a slight tint to your lips making them look 'oh so natural'. We asked around and apparently full on lipsticks are no longer the rage, these tints are!

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