Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vegan Products

While all our products are not made from animal fat, we like to define vegan (khoser, preferrably) product. The strict rule to vegan product means we do not use any form of animal product like animal milk, yoghurt to beeswax. We do carry them but they will be indicated as non-vegan. We are not about to let anyone miss out on a milk product. Coconut milk, soya milk, almond milk are some examples of products we are going to be introducing to our line of soaps. Beeswax can be substitude with vegetable wax like candilla wax, macadamia wax to name a few.

Our website is on the way and if you see not vegan, they simply mean dairy products like goat's milk, yoghurt and honey (although we are not sure the status of honey) are used in the our product. Our pick of the month would be our yoghurt soap, they do make our soap extra mild and we love them to bits. To date, they keep well up to 6 months but we will keep you update on the shelf-life of the yoghurt soap.

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