Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New products to look forward to

We have pledge to you that we will use preservative free and detergent free products until we find a safe alternative to use as a preservative.

Things high on our list:

Sugar lip scrub - totally awesome! Before brushing your teeth (yes we think well scrub kissable soft lush lips ranks higher than hygiene) take a tiny ball of the sugar scrub, pucker up and work around the lips as far in as you can. THe scrub removes unsightly dead cells and puts circulation back into your lips, Angie eat your heart out and botox free as well. Rinse and proceed to brushing your teeth.

Sugar Balm that matches the scrub - now further pamper your precious lips with our sheer lip balm made of shea goodness and cocoa butter. They are can be tinted, flavoured, sweeten, or not. You have a choice. If you prefer a glossy look, let us know. We are happy to oblige. Always use your balm to lock in the moisture.

Solid Body Balm - This is a perfect product. After your shower and dry yourself, apply a coat on top of your skin to lock in the moisture, It has wonderful shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and beeswax and nothing suspect, just pure goodness. It is great for after shaving ladies and we are looking into lavender essential oil skin saver balm. (helps with bites, mild rash and sooths the skin) Neem balm is being evaluated, so we will have to get back to you about that. Citronella, a natural mosquito repellants. Easy to apply container and gentle enough for children who loves playing outdoors.

Completely natural, and makes a wonderful deep lock in moisturiser. We do offer them in other fragrances, so if you are interested to try do write to us Jocelyn.SoapParadise@gmail.com

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