Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Website update first time ever!

Second week of September we embark on a new journey with our website designer Isabellla. She is talented and she has done a soap website before. Trust me, a website is not just a website, it has specific use for specific product. We think we have found our magician and we are right! It is a long journey but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is finally ready and live, but we just have to fiqure out how to remove "Soap Paradise coming soon". Go in and click on the site, you will see what we have. We might need to tweak it but with all new things, there will be things we have missed and please feel free to write to us and give us feedback. Anything you have to say will be looked into. We are very excited and many thanks go to people who have helped, taught me, Xek, Jace, Elsie, Isabella, Vicky, my hubby and my sister, Arlene who has always given me the best constructive feedback. The site may be live but we are taking a week break with family. If you make a purchase, things may be slightly delayed but a free gift will be added for your patience.

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