Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to tie things up

 Christmas is coming and presents are on the way!  Everyone loves receiving and opening gifts.  This is the time we can put our best foot forward, combining goodness in cute packaging!  We have a few for you to select.
This Oreo soap is the size of an actually Oreo Biscuit.
Makes a cute gift for everyone at $5

This two tier boxes is for a larger order.  What is more fun
than getting one present? Getting TWO!

Another way of packaging your gift.  We have a special  on
our Christmas special and with a 5 picks of assorted soap will
be $50 and this package comes with soap drainer! 10 bars will
entitle you to 10% discount, so 2 packs will be $90, a saving
of $10! Just for this festive season.
Black and White is always in style.  This set comes with 3 bars
of our luxurious range, a drainer and a fine mesh.  The mesh can
be used for further lathering up the soap.  Price $45

Santa has definitely come to town.

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