Monday, November 1, 2010

The Journey of the Olive Soap

100% Olive Oil also know as Castile has been around for a long time.  It was once the soap made for royalties and treasured for its wonderful benefits for the skin.The name "Castile"defines quality, purity and gentleness.  Some considers Castile as the gentlest of all soaps.  It does not lather well on its own but with a pouf of a gentle cloth, we find the soap a joy to use.

We made an Olive soap which has 20% Coconut Oil added to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This increases the lather and makes a wonderful high content Olive soap.  You simply have to take this journey of seeing for yourself which soap is the one for you.

For bubble lovers, we made an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the help of palm oil and coconut oil.  This soap has a good amount of Olive oil for you to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful oil.

$45 for 3 bars of soap in one package
We do a special wrapping for you, in a raspberry and black wrapper.  They are simply adorable.

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