Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Fresh Neem

Our distributor, Constance is one of the sweetest lady I know!  She really likes the neem soap and she uses it for herself and her family.  She has the biggest heart and shares all her experience with anyone she feels if the neem soap may help them.

I had the biggest surprise when she sent over, through her brother Simon, my first ever batch of fresh Neem and it was a large batch.  We took off the stem and gave it a good soaked and dried in our food dehydrator.  After quite a few hours, the leaves had turned crispy but the colours have remained green unlike the ones I ordered from overseas.  That is how fresh our neem infused oils will be...and we will all be able to enjoy the benefits of fresh neem thanks to  Constance!

Dried Neem, so fresh it is still Green!
We infused our neem leaves in Extra Virgin oil, for probably a few months

Our last batch of Neem Oil Soap did very well and some people have written in to tell us how it helped them with their eczema.  It doesn't really cured the eczema but the 'itchiness' has decreased by at least 70%.  Constance had more testimonals from her people who used the soap.  We will put up a list of testimony to help you select what  might interest you.
Once the oil is infused, we will have a larger batch of neem oil soap available in our website.  Do look out for it, in a about 3 months time.  Will keep you updated!


  1. I gave a sample bar to my 11 year old son who does have eczema, he was horrified when I packed the neem soaps off to Constance. So we kept 2 bars for him. His other favourite is a mildly scented Adore Irene Soap (her recipe is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil and palm oil). It is a really nice lathery soap which last and last..

  2. Now we know how lovely fresh neem looks like, we will be purchasing them fresh and drying them ourselves. We will be making a big batch of neem soap, as the oil infusion takes time and the soap needs curing. If anyone is interested in fragrance free neem, do write in to us or even have neem without the honey. We love green the neem has made the extra virgin olive oil. It feels like we can see the chlorophyll floating in the oil. We have to warn you, we have no idea how this batch of soap will turn out even though we will be using the same recipe, how very exciting.