Friday, July 16, 2010

Exotic Oils Galore series - Rustic Charms

It's middle of the year and I have been negleting my blog, all for the sake of coming up with something new. I'm looking into making rustic looking soap or more handmade look about these soap. It's exciting coming up with new recipes. This bar of soap is packed with goodies, goat's milk, oatmeal colloidal, raw honey charcoal, Vitamin E, Rosmary extract (antioxidants) and Grapefruit seed extract (more antioxidants). I used the same charcoal that my mum used to give me when I had a tummy ache. It helps absorb toxin and this bar of soap does the same for your skin. I use my soap for my hair, face and body, you may not want to be so extreme. I don't think it harms the hair to give it a clean once in a while to remove all the build up of stuff we have left in our hair. It will make your hair feels squeaky clean and love the lather.

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