Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I thought what a great way to add that finishing touch to a perfect bathrooom. A vase filled with pebbles! Then I thought (in my mind filled with soaps of the past, of soaps of the present and of soaps to come), I could make these pebbles into soap pebbles and that would make it perfect. Something to display and is functional at the same time. Throw in a few real pebbles at the base of the vase and spread a few soap pebbles on top, I promise you, no one could tell the difference. Just watch the look on your guest faces when they ask you for soap and you point to a pebble. This humble pebble will definitely be a conversational piece, just make sure it doesn't over shadow your dinner conversation. If anyone is holding a dinner party for halloween, this pebbles will definitly be both a treat and trick.

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